Dynamic Homes Dealer

It’s an honor to be a Dynamic Homes Dealer. Dynamic Homes are system-built homes which are constructed off-site, with the highest quality products, then transported and installed on your permanent foundation. System-built homes rival or exceed the quality of site-built homes.  Factory environment guarantees efficiency and quality control.


Dynamic Homes was founded in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota in 1970, when a group of forward-thinking craftsmen believed it was entirely possible to build more efficient and affordable superior-quality homes through system-built construction.  Today’s Dynamic Homes feature state-of-the-art engineering techniques, the latest technologies and the highest quality materials.


Dynamic Homes make home building as simple or extravagant as you choose and are available in a wide variety of fully-customizable floor plans.


Dynamic Homes is an Energy Star Certified builder.  The Energy Star Builder Certification is a recognition that requires extensive testing and analysis to assure owners of Dynamic Homes that they have a genuine Energy Star Home that will save them money now and increase market value and resale potential later. Energy Star homes are quieter and more comfortable, have lower utility bills and help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To promote greater energy efficiency and building green, Dynamic Homes constructs to the Minnesota Energy Code which is among the strictest in the country. Dynamic Homes is certified by Minnesota Power’s Triple E Program and the homes are rated as one of the most efficient new homes in the state.


Since 1986 we have served as the General Contractor on 180 Dynamic Homes.   


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