In The Media

In the Media

Listed below are articles, videos, how-to's, and other miscellaneous information related to dryer vent cleaning.  We provide this information so we can help educate our customers and competitors alike in our quest to increase dryer safety.  Remember, if at anytime you see any signs that your dryer is having trouble in venting properly (cycles taking longer than ususal, clothes and dryer very hot to the touch, clothes not fully drying after an entire cycle), we recommend you power down your dryer and call a professional immediately for the sake of your and your family's safety.  Enjoy!


CNN Short Coverage on Dryer Hazards:

NBC Today Short Coverage on Dryer Hazard Prevention

Demonstration of Flammable Foil Dryer Venting:

In Depth Analysis of Some Common Dryer Venting Issues:

Demonstration of a Retro-Installed Dryer Vent:


'Lint Lizard' Product Analysis

Truth and Myths Analysis of Dryer Sheet Usage